Choosing the BI Tool That is Right for You

Choosing a BI tool for your organization can be tedious. Get the decision right, and you’re a hero. Choose a tool that ends up not meeting people’s needs and being too expensive can quickly land you on people’s favorite villain list. At Tessellation, we routinely talk to directors and managers who are making this kind […]

Analytic Process Automation (APA): Here to Stay, and Why This Matters to You

Warning: hyperlinks and references to space travel await you… Since you’re reading this, it’s very likely you saw Alteryx’s huge announcement in May 2020 about their launch of the Analytic Process Automation platform. But I’m not here to explain why it is or isn’t marketing hype; the awesome Chris Love did a great job of unpacking that already. We’ll dig into what APA […]

Dashboard Design Best Practices: The Secrets to Good Prototyping

This blog is the third in a series on prototyping. In this series, our first post walked you through why prototyping will benefit your development process. Our second post lists out just a few of the many options to integrate prototyping into your process. This blog will walk you through some best practices to keep in mind during the […]

Top Five: Ways to Mislead with Data Visualizations

Five Ways to Mislead with Data Visualizations Presenting data as some sort of visual — a bar or line chart, scatter plot, a map, etc. — is a powerful storytelling technique. Instead of sifting through hundreds or thousands of individual data points, we can aggregate them to show trends, patterns, or outliers. Tools like Tableau […]

Tips From the Team: Data Product Design

Once again, the team is back to talk through is favorite dashboard design tips. These tips range from using design thinking, to applying brand standards. Here are our tips for dashboard design and general data product design.  Emphasize data, de-emphsize non data elements (Alicia) When I design dashboards I make sure to either de-emphasize or […]